303 JUG – Horse Stall Waterer

The JUG’s unique design allows horses to see and smell clean water. They don’t have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way; they drink naturally. An external adjusting screw is used to set the water level in the drinking bowl. Easy for you and your animals.

The JUG is the first waterer to be three-sided. This 90 degree corner mounting design gives a snug fit into the stall and leaves only a smooth, rounded surface exposed to the pen, keeping animals safer.

For mounting onto a Flat Wall the Flat Back 303 JUG is perfect.

Either model works well for existing barns or new installations. The water line is typically run underground and up through the 303 Riser Tube. Custom mounting options (usually overhead) for special situations are also available. In years of field testing, the JUG continuously supplied clean water. Like all models of the JUG, the 303 has the unique, patented Draw Tube/Feed Trap design, which keeps debris from falling into the reservoir. This means clean water without continual maintenance. For seasonal maintenance, an external drain plug makes cleaning simple.

Download our 303 Literature for the full story: 303 JUG Literature (PDF)


Features You Will Like!

Animals Adapt Easily:
No flaps to lift, disks, or balls to push. Animals drink naturally, even young ones.

Clean, Clean Water:
Draw Tube/Feed Trap doesn’t allow debris to fall into the tank reservoir, which means less maintenance, and clean water.

Energy Efficient:
If you have a cold barn, you can count on the super insulation in the 303 WH (With Heat) to conserve heat loss. A low 30 watt heater which is thermostatically controlled gives you the added assurance of frost free water. 303 energy usage is minimal. For warmer climates, or heated barns the 303 EF (Energy Free) is the model of choice.

Super Insulation:
The strong polyethylene body has thick urethane foam which means cooler water in summer and warmer water in the winter

External Adjustment Screw:
Provides easy adjustment of the water level in the bowl when introducing new animals to their water source. After they learn there is a constant clean water supply, lower the water level. It’s easy for you and your animals.

External Drain Plug:
For easy draining of water form the JUG’s 2 gallon reservoir

The 303 CM JUG is mounted in the corner of the stall. The 303 FB JUG is mounted against a flat wall of a stall. External Drain Plug: For easy draining of water form the JUG’s 2 gallon reservoir.

Bite Guard:
An 18 gauge stainless steel guard, prevents damage from cribbing.

The 303 JUG with it’s 2 gallon reservoir, and quick recovery Float Valve, offers plenty of water capacity for your horses, large or small.


303 Riser Tubes

Rugged 1/4” PVC Schedule 80 case. Available in 5Ft, 6Ft and 7Ft lengths, as well as 2Ft extensions. Super insulation provides protection against freeze ups, lowers energy costs in the winter, and provides cooler water in the summer

Installation: With Heat Units
Water and electric lines run underground below frost line, then up into the fountain through the Riser Tube. The 303 Riser Tube protects the water supply line from the cold by insulating it in urethane foam, and warming it with a low wattage heating element

Installation: Energy Free Units
There are a number of waterline hook up options when placing an Energy Free 303 in a heated barn or in a warm climate area. The waterline can come from underneath either on its own or through a riser tube, but commonly comes to the 303 overhead.

Modern, Yet Simple
The 303 JUG features the most modern up to date styling available in a horse stall waterer. Yet the 303 is extremely simple with very few moving parts.

Water Meters
If you have a need to monitor your horse’s drinking activity, 303 JUG Water Meters are available in a number of styles and prices ranges.

*Uninsulated 303 Riser Tubes are also available for underground installation in warm barns.