“I have three brands of waterers on the farm. ONLY the JUG is trouble free.”
-Sauser Farms Cascade, Iowa

“From the “Show Girls” to the “kids” every goat enjoys the cool clean water these systems produce. We were told the key to keeping the herd healthy was good food and clean water. We researched many of the watering systems on the market and purchased two to compare. The JUG not only met every promise/expectation but is extremely easy to maintain and by far had the best water quality, day after day. The other system is in our barn and will be replaced with another JUG Model 202 soon. We can’t imagine any goat rancher not benefiting by installing a JUG system(s)”
-Mark & Debbie Anderson F & H Ranch Lebanon, Tennessee

“We have been using JUG Waterers for 10 years with 100 head of Horses, and now 1000, plus Whitetails. The JUG is very cost efficient, and easy to maintain. The deer transition to the JUG easily.”
-Chad De Bauch Ranch Manager Apple Creek Whitetails Gillett, Wisconsin

“Maintenance free, no balls to fool with, worry free.” “Excellent customer service.”
-Ivan “Chip” Davis Whetstone Farm, LLC Dillwyn, Virginia

“This product is one of the few that hasn’t given me problems throughout my years of raising cattle. It was a wise decision when we purchased the JUGs over 20 years ago.”
-LaRene Dvorsky Iowa City, Iowa

“My cows love the JUG. I have watched cows bypass drinking out of the creek to drink out of the JUG. That tells you something, it’s cooler, fresher water in the JUG than in our creek. Many thanks”
-Fred Abels Holland, Iowa

“When it comes to quality JUG is number one. I am very pleased with my trouble free JUG fountain. I water beef cattle with the JUG fountain and have recommended the JUG to my neighbors and friends.”
-Mike Lubich River Falls, Wisconsin

“The JUG is the cleanest waterer we have in our dairy. The cattle are able to get plenty of clean, fresh water. We have had JUG fountains installed over the past 20 years with little or no maintenance. We continue to replace our other units with JUG fountains!”
-Paul Guise & Bob Smith Buttonwood Farms York Springs, Pennsylvania

“We raise buffalo in Maine and the winters can get pretty tough sometimes, that’s why we chose the JUG. The JUG has made watering our buffalo a whole lot easier. We recommend the JUG to anyone in a cold climate.”
-Paul & Marcia Hersey Waterford, Maine

“We water beef cattle and horses with JUG fountains. We have never had any freeze ups with these fountains. We feel that the JUG would be great for any kind of livestock.”
-Steve & Karen Stulen New London, Minnesota

“Go with the Best.  Don’t mess with anything else go and get yourself a JUG waterer.”
-Don and Kay Harth, Minnesota

“We have had our JUG 303 horse waterers installed for a year now.  They are great.  I love how clean the water cup stays.  I clean them out spring and fall to get the feed out.  NO algae in the cups to deal with.  Water is fresh and clean.  We live in Wisconsin and I have the heat version.  No freezing at all with very little power usage.  Our horses love the constant fresh water.  I have one horse that takes a mouth full of feed and then takes a drink, so forth and so on for his whole meal.  The install was easy and I love the compact design compared to the large base mounts of other brands.  Because they are made from tough plastic construction there is nothing to rust, even stainless steel rusts as soon as you scratch it.  I am an engineer by trade and looked at many different waters before purchasing the JUG.  It was a tough decision, but now I know I made the right one.”
-Nicholas J Beil, P.E., Wisconsin

“With 70 head of horses, I have too many things to do to be constantly working on fountains.  I spend almost no time working on our JUG fountains, but plenty of time working on the other brands that we have.  I can’t wait to replace all of them with the JUG”
-Mike Heren, The Stables on Horse Farm Road, Illinois

“They’re great! They are efficient, don’t freeze up, no spills, easy to drain and clean, always fresh water. I can tell our horses are happier because it is a more natural drinking system.”
-Dave & Angie Henke, Minnesota